Vidhyabhyas UGC NET PAPER1: JUNE 2013


#1. Choose the proper alternative given in the codes to replace the question mark Bee-Honey, Cow-Milk, Teacher-?

#2. P is the father of R and S is the son of Q and T is the brother of P. If R is the sister of S, how is Q related to T

#3. A definition put forward to resolve a dispute by influencing attitudes or stirring emotions is called

#4. Inductive reasoning presupposes

#5. ‘www’ stands for

#6. A hard disk is divided into tracks which is further subdivided into

#7. A computer program that translates a program statement by statement into machine languages is called a/an

#8. A Gigabyte is equal to

#9. A Compiler is a software which converts

#10. Virtual memory is

#11. The phrase “tragedy of commons” is in the context of

#12. Kyoto Protocol is related to

#13. Which of the following is a source of emissions leading to the eventual formation of surface ozone as a pollutant?

#14. The smog in cities in Indian mainly consists of

#15. Which of the following types of natural hazards have the highest potential to cause damage to humans?

#16. The percentage share of renewable energy sources in the power production in India is around

#17. In which of the following categories the enrolment of students in higher education in 2010-11 was beyond the percentage of seats reserved?

#18. Which one of the following statements is not correct about the University Grants Commission (UGC)?

#19. In the warrant of precedence, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha comes next only to

#20. The black-board can be utilized best by a teacher for

#21. Nowadays the most effective mode of learning is

#22. At the primary school stage, most of the teachers should be women because they

#23. Which one is the highest order of learning?

#24. A person can enjoy teaching as a profession when he

#25. “A diagram speaks more than 1000 words.” The statement means that the teacher should

#26. A research paper

#27. Which one of the following belongs to the category of good ‘research ethics’?

#28. Which of the following sampling methods is not based on probability?

#29. Which one of the following references is written as per Modern Language Association (MLA) format?

#30. A workshop is

#31. A working hypothesis is

#32. In the process of communication, which one of the following is in the chronological order?

#33. Bengal Gazette, the first Newspaper in India was started in 1780 by

#34. Press censorsip in India was imposed during the tenure of the Prime Minister

#35. Communication via New media such as computers, teleshopping, internet and mobile telephony is termed as

#36. Classroom communication of a teacher rests on the principle of

#37. __________________ is important when a teacher communicates with his/her student.

#38. In a certain code GALIB is represented by HBMJC. TIGER will be represented by

#39. In a certain cricket tournament 45 matches were played. Each team played once against each of the other teams. The number of teams participated in the tournament is

#40. The missing number in the series 40, 120, 60, 180, 90, ?, 135 is

#41. The odd numbers from 1 to 45 which are exactly divisible by 3 are arranged in an ascending order. The number at 6th position is

#42. The mean of four numbers a,b,c,d is 100. IF c = 70, then the mean of the remaining numbers is

#43. If the radius of a circle is increased by 50%, the perimeter of the circle will increased by