Vidhyabhyas UGC NET PAPER1: DEC 2013


#1. The post-industrial society is designated as

#2. The initial efforts for internet based communication was for

#3. Internal communication within institutions done through

#4. Virtual reality provides

#5. The first virtual university of India came up in

#6. Which one of the following continents is at a greater risk of desertification?

#7. "Women are closer to nature than men." What kind of perspective is this?

#8. Which one of the following is not a matter a global concern in the removal of tropical forests?

#9. The most comprehensive approach to address the problems of man-environment interaction is one of the following:

#10. The major source of the pollutant gas, carbon mono-oxide (CO), in urban areas is

#11. ln a fuel cell driven vehicle, the energy is obtained from the combustion of

#12. Which one of the following Councils has been disbanded in 2013?

#13. The power of the Supreme Court of India to decide disputes between two or more States falls under its

#14. Who among the following conducted the CNN-IBN - The Hindu 2013 Election Tracker Survey across 267 constituencies in 18 States?

#15. In certain code TEACHER is written as VGCEJGT. The code of CHILDREN will be

#16. A person has to buy both apples and mangoes. The cost of one apple is Rs 7/- whereas that of mango is Rs 5/- If the person has Rs. 38, the number of apples he can buy is

#17. A man pointing to a lady said, "The son of her only brother is the brother of my wife," The lady is related to the man as

#18. In this series 6, 4, 1,2,2,8, 7,4,2,1,5,3,8,6,2,2,7,1,4,1,3,5,8,6. How many pairs of successive numbers have a difference of 2 each?

#19. The mean marks obtained by a class of 40 students is 65; The mean marks of half of the students is found to be 45. The mean marks of the remaining students is

#20. Anil is twice as old as Sunita. Three years ago, he was three times as old as Sunita. The present age of Anil is

#21. Which of the following is a social network?

#22. The population information is called parameter while the corresponding sample information is known as

#23. While delivering lecture if there is some disturbance in the class, a teacher should

#24. Effective teaching is a function of

#25. The most appropriate meaning of learning is

#26. CIET stands for

#27. Teacher's role at higher education

#28. The Verstehen School of Understanding was popularised by

#29. The sequential operations in scientific research are

#30. In sampling, the lottery method is used for

#31. Which is the main objective of research?

#32. Sampling error decreases with the

#33. The Principles of fundamental research are used in

#34. Users who use media for their own ends are identified as

#35. Classroom communication can be described as

#36. Ideological codes shape our collective

#37. In communication myths have power but are

#38. The first multi-lingual news agency of India was

#39. Organisational communication can be equated with

#40. If two propositions having the same subject and predicate terms are such that one is the denial of the other, the relationship between them is called

#41. Ananaya and Krishna can speak and follow English. Bulbul can write and speak Hindi as Archana does. Archana talks with Ananya also in Bengali. Krishna can not follow Bengali. Bulbul talks with Ananya in Hindi. Who can speak and follow English, Hindi and Bengali?

#42. A stipulative definition may be said to be

#43. When the conclusion of an argument follows from its premise/premises conclusively, the argument is called

#44. Saturn and Mars are planets like the earth. They borrow light from the Sun and moves around the sun as the Earth does. So those planets are inhabited by various orders of creatures as the earth is What type of argument is contained in the above passage?