Vidhyabhyas UGC NET PAPER1: DEC 2008


#1. According to Swami Vivekananda, teacher's success depends on:

#2. Which of the following teacher, will be liked most?

#3. A teacher's most important challenge is:

#4. Value-education stands for:

#5. When a normal student behaves in an erratic manner in the class, you would:

#6. The research is always -

#7. The research that applies the laws at the time of field study to draw more and more clear ideas about the problem is:

#8. When a research problem is related to heterogeneous population, the most suitable sampling method is:

#9. The process not needed in experimental research is:

#10. A research problem is not feasible only when:

#11. Community Radio is a type of radio service that caters to the interest of:

#12. Orcut is a part of:

#13. Which is not correct in latest communication award?

#14. Firewalls are used to protect a communication network system against:

#15. Insert the missing number in the following: 2/3, 4/7, ? , 11/21, 16/31

#16. In a certain code, GAMESMAN is written as AGMEMSAN. How would DISCLOSE be written in that code?

#17. The letters in the first set have a certain relationship. On the basis of this relationship mark the right choice for the second set: AST : BRU : : NQV : ?

#18. On what dates of April 1994 did SUNDAY fall?

#19. Find out the wrong number in the sequence: 125, 127, 130, 135, 142, 153, 165

#20. There are five books A, B, C, D and E. The book C lies above D, the book E is below A and B is below E. Which is at the bottom?

#21. Logical reasoning is based on:

#22. Two propositions with the same subject and predicate terms but different in quality are:

#23. The premises of a valid deductive argument:

#24. Syllogistic reasoning is:

#25. The accounting software 'Tally' was developed by:

#26. Errors in computer programmes are called:

#27. HTML is basically used to design:

#28. 'Micro Processing' is made for:

#29. Information, a combination of graphics, text, sound, video and animation is called:

#30. Which of the following pairs regarding typical composition of hospital wastes is incorrect?

#31. Fresh water achieves its greatest density at:

#32. Which one of the following is not associated with earthquakes?

#33. The tallest trees in the world are found in the region :

#34. According to Radhakrishnan Commission, the aim of Higher Education is:

#35. The National Museum at New Delhi is attached to:

#36. Election of Rural and Urban local bodies are conducted and ultimately supervised by:

#37. Which opinion is not correct?