#1. There is acute shortage of electricity in some of the states in India. This reflects a problem in which type of business environment ?

#2. Which of the following is true ?

#3. Which one among the following is not the salient feature of industrial policy since 1991 ?

#4. Subsequent expenditures that extend the useful life, improve the quality of output, or reduce operating costs of an existing asset beyond their originally estimated levels are

#5. Marginal-costing technique is useful for

#6. Which one is not a feature of budgetary control ?

#7. Which one of the following does not explain the basic nature of Business economics ?

#8. At a point of satiety for a commodity the marginal utility is

#9. A rectangular hyperbola shaped demand curve on all its points has

#10. Which one of the following options deals with the process of making estimates, predictions and decisions ?

#11. A hypothesis test is being performed for a process in which a Type-I error will be very costly, but a Type-II error will be relatively inexpensive and unimportant. Which of the following would be the best choice for alpha (α) in this test ?

#12. If the dependent variable increases as the independent variable increases in an estimating equation, the coefficient of correlation will be in the range

#13. Which of the following is not true about Matrix Organisation ?

#14. Who has modified Maslow’s Hierarchical levels of needs and developed ERG model ?

#15. Taylor’s differential piece work plan provides that

#16. Which one of the following stages of the marketing research process is most expensive ?

#17. The people to adopt a new product first are called

#18. A concept in retailing that helps explain the emergence of new retailers is called the ______ hypothesis.

#19. Manufacturers of cars and motor cycles typically seek_______ distribution.

#20. Which method of setting advertising budget is most scientific and logical ?

#21. Which one of the following assumptions is not covered in the Walter’s Model of the dividend policy ?

#22. Which one of the following emphasizes the qualitative aspects of working capital management ?

#23. Which of the following training methods exposes the newly recruited employee to the various business functions, divisions and departments ?

#24. Who was closely associated with industrial relations in India ?

#25. Under the Trade Union Act 1926, how many minimum number of members are required for a trade union to be registered ?

#26. The idea that a manager tends to be promoted to a level of his incompetence is referred to as

#27. Which of the following committees is intended to review the working of the monetory system in India ?

#28. According to the FDI Policy of the Government of India (2012), the FDI in banks is limited to

#29. According to the recent guidelines (2013) of the Reserve Bank of India the Private Sector Banks are required to have a minimum paid up equity capital of

#30. International trade theory which provides that capital intensive country should export labour-intensive goods and import capital goods is referred to as

#31. Which of the following is not a form of economic integration in the context of intra-regional trade ?

#32. ‘Crawling Peg System’ means

#33. From the following modes of international business, identify the mode which involves strategic alliance