UGC NET/JRF Commerce Jun 2013

Vidhyabhyas UGC NET/JRF Commerce Jun 2013


#1. Direct supervision over depositories and mutual funds is undertaken by

#2. In the call/notice money market, which of the following participants is allowed to trade?

#3. The apex consumer court in India is referred to as

#4. Who is Chairman of 13th Finance Commission?

#5. Insurance expenses paid to bring an equipment from the place of purchase to the place of installation is a type of

#6. ABC Ltd was incorporated with an authorised Share Capital of Rs. 1, 00,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each. The Board of Directors of the company decided to allot 10,000 shares credited as fully paid to the promoters of the company for their services. Which account should be debited in the books of ABC Ltd.?

#7. In a reconstruction scheme, the reduction of capital may take the form of

#8. While determining the normal rate of return for the valuation of shares in Market Value Method, which of the following should be taken into consideration?

#9. Master budget is a

#10. Assertion (A): Want-satisfying power of a commodity is called its utility. Reason (R): Utility may not have the characteristic of morality. Codes:

#11. Assertion (A): As the proportion of one variable factor in a combination with fixed factor is increased, after a point the marginal product of the factor will diminish. Reason (R): Beyond the level of optimum combination of inputs leads to this. Codes:

#12. Price, Marginal Revenue and Elasticity are related to each other. When e = 1, then:

#13. Consider the following statistical tests: (i) ‘F’ test (ii) ‘t’ test (iii) ‘z’ test (iv) ‘Chi-square’ test. Which of these are parametric tests?

#14. The difference between sample statistic and its corresponding population parameter is

#15. Kendall’s co-efficient of concordance is used to

#16. Which of the following softwares are used for data processing? (i) EXCEL (ii) ACCESS (iii) SPSS (iv) STAR (v) PASW Codes:

#17. Assertion (A): When span of control is wide co-ordination and control becomes difficult. Reason (R): In a narrow span, levels of authority reduce. Codes:

#18. The general pattern of behaviour, shared belief and values that members have in common is known as

#19. Which of the following is not a principle of management according to Henri Fayol?

#20. Which of the following concepts is based on development, design and implementation of marketing programmes, processes and activities that recognise their breadth and interdependence?

#21. The concept of marketing-mix, consisting of the 4 P’s of marketing, was developed by

#22. The selling concept is most likely to be used by firms which sell

#23. Consumer attitudes and beliefs about diet, health and nutrition are influenced by

#24. Positive NPV in project appraised by a firm may not occur an account of

#25. In case the projects are divisible under capital rationing an appropriate project appraisal method is

#26. Permanent working capital is generally financed through

#27. The appropriate ratio for indicating liquidity crisis is

#28. Who proposed a model to apply economic order quantity concept of inventory management to determine the optimum cash holding in a firm?

#29. Which of the following is not included in the model of the systems approach to Human Resource Management?

#30. It is generally easy to measure the performance of the

#31. Which one of the following is not a monetary incentive to sales people?

#32. Statement (i): Sound industrial relations are essential to achieve individual, team goals and organizational goals. Statement (ii): Congenial labour management relations create an atmosphere of harmony and low rate of absenteeism.

#33. Out of the following, which are the schemes of Social Security? (i) Provident Fund Scheme (ii) Health Insurance Scheme (iii) Job Guarantee Scheme (iv) Maternity Benefit Scheme (v) Merit Promotion Scheme (vi) Compulsory and Voluntary Social Insurance Scheme (vii) Child Insurance Scheme. Codes:

#34. RBI ensures that banks operate within the set norms by conducting ______ inspections and _______ monitoring.

#35. Under Section 37 of the Banking (Regulation) Act, a moratorium order can be issued by the High Court for a maximum total period of

#36. Bonds or debentures issued by Securitization company should bear interest not less than

#37. Section 131 of the Negotiable Instruments Act extends protection to the _______

#38. When a customer, by a letter has advised the bank not to honour/pay a particular cheque, such letter is called ______

#39. Flow of foreign loans and investments affect

#40. Concessions mainly multinational in character come under the principle of

#41. From the following identify the one which is not a commercial counter trade?