UGC NET/JRF Commerce Jun 2012

Vidhyabhyas UGC NET/JRF Commerce Jun 2012


#1. Which of the following denote the structural changes in Indian economy?

#2. Broad Money has to be sensitized through:

#3. Which one is not an element of legal environment?

#4. Public Enterprise is defined as

#5. Conversion cost is the sum of

#6. Normally Demand curve slopes

#7. Which of the following is not a restricted random sampling technique?

#8. Classification of respondents only on the basis of gender is an application of

#9. Karl Pearson’s co-efficient of correlation between two variables is

#10. Statistical software packages for research in social sciences include

#11. F-test is used to test the significance of the differences between/among

#12. According to Kieth Devis, which one is not a barrier of communication?

#13. While establishing relation between Maslow’s and Herzberg’s theories, which Needs of Hierachy Theory will fall under the Hygiene Factors?

#14. Howard-Sueth model of consumer behaviour is popularly known as

#15. To generate and facilitate any exchange intended to satisfy human needs or wants such that the satisfaction of these wants occur with minimal detrimental impact on the natural environment is known as

#16. All the activities involved in selling goods or services directly to final consumers for personal non-business uses are done by

#17. To manage a business well is to manage its future and to manage the future is to manage information is termed as

#18. DAGMAR approach in marketing is used to measure

#19. Which one is not an important objective of Financial Management?

#20. Which one refers to cash inflow under payback period method?

#21. The concept of present value is based on the :

#22. Cost of capital from all the sources of funds is called

#23. On which of the following, at the initial stage, the Indian IT companies relying more for getting good IT professionals?

#24. Imperial Bank was established on January 27, 1921 on the advise of

#25. In India, the Commercial Banks are given license of operation by

#26. The provisions of General Reserve in Banking Companies are made keeping in view the provisions of

#27. Balance of Payments can be made favourable if

#28. Which one is not an objective of IMF?

#29. EPCG denotes

#30. Which one is not an international organisation?