#1. Which among the following is not a correct sequential combination ?

#2. Which among the following is not a correct combination ?

#3. Current Ratio 2.5, Liquid Ratio 1.5 and Working Capital ₹ 60,000. What is Current Assets ?

#4. X, Y, Z are sharing profits in the ratio of 6 : 5 : 3. A is admitted into partnership for 1/8th share. The sacrificing ratio of X, Y and Z is

#5. “Make sufficient provisions for future losses, but do not anticipate future profits.” This statement is in accordance to the concept of :

#6. When a firm is dissolved, profit or loss on realisation is shared by the partners

#7. The inverse relationship between variations in the price and quantity demanded is not due to

#8. Consumer is said to be in equilibrium, maximizing his total utility, when

#9. Which one of the following is not probability sampling method ?

#10. The research carried out to expand the knowledge of a particular field is known as

#11. In univariate data analysis t-test is used when the data are in the form of

#12. To show the trend for a variable, which one of the presentation method is used ?

#13. Which one of the following objectives is not the objective of secondary data collection ?

#14. The structure of an organisation in which there is separation of ownership and management is called

#15. When a person transacts with a company on matters which is beyond the power of the company, the person will be governed by the Doctrine of

#16. The appropriate sequence of the formation of a company are in the following order :

#17. Delegation of authority makes the size of the organization :

#18. Managerial Grid suggests the following as the best leader behaviour :

#19. Marketing strategy development is also known as

#20. For most people, the purchase of cheese for daily use can be described as a

#21. The promotion mix of a company consists of these –

#22. Rational buying motives that determine purchase decisions are mostly based on

#23. Dividend capitalisation model was developed by

#24. The process of narrowing a large number of candidates to a smaller field is called

#25. According to which theory, people are motivated to the extent to which they expect that their actions will help in achievement of goals ?

#26. The main characteristics of Weber’s bureaucracy are :

#27. Phishing is an attempt to acquire :

#28. What is Call Money ?

#29. The Regulatory Authority of Regional Rural Banks is

#30. Which of the following is not ensured to the consumer in the globalization ?

#31. In international trade which of the following is a non-tariff trade barrier ?

#32. Which of the following is not the agency of World Bank ?