Vidhyabhyas NOV 2021 EVENING SHIFT


#1. FDI in Indian manufacturing has largely been -

#2. Occasional sale of a commodity at a lower price abroad in order to unload an unforeseen and temporary surplus of the commodity without reducing domestic prices is called:

#3. Which of the following countries/territories is not a member of the WTO?

#4. Which of the following entity has recently been negotiated to replace NAFTA with effect from July 2020?

#5. Amalgamation adjustment account is used for recording:

#6. The accounting standard AS3 (Revised) has become mandatory w.e.f. accounting periods beginning from 01.04.2001 for which of the following enterprise?

#7. CAA method of inflation accounting is as a result of the recommendation of?

#8. The net profits of a partnership business, after providing for income tax for the last five years were: Rs 80,000: Rs 1,00,000: Rs 1,20,000: Rs 1,25,000 and Rs 2,00,000. The capital employed in the business is Rs 10,00,000 and the normal rate of return is 10%. The value of goodwill on the basis of the annuity method; taking the present value of the annuity of Re 1 for 5 years at 10% is 3.7907 (approx..) will be

#9. The cross elasticity of demand between the complementary products is:

#10. Income effect of a price rise is greater than its substitution effect in case of:

#11. If the scale parameter(s) is greater than one (r > 1), the CES production function exhibits:

#12. When demand is slack and the market is competitive, firms follow which of the following pricing methods?

#13. What is the value of a levered firm “L” if it has the same EBIT as an unlevered firm “U” (with value of Rs 700 lac), has a debt of Rs 200 lac, tax rate is 35% under MM approach?

#14. _____________ is the percentage discount rate used in capital investment appraisals which brings the cost of a project and its future cash inflows into equality.

#15. The theory which explains the effect of devaluation on balance of trade is known as:

#16. The annual demand for an item is 3,200 units. The unit cost is Rs 6 and inventory carrying charges 25% p.a. If the cost of one procurement is Rs 150, determine number of orders per year:

#17. If each value in a given set of data is divided by 4, how will it affect Karl Pearson’s coefficient of Skewness?

#18. A coin and pair of dice are tossed together, the total number of possible outcome for an experiment is:

#19. Each of the values of a series is decreased by K. Which of the following does not hold in the context?

#20. A type of validity based on showing that scores on the test (Predictors) are related to job performance is:

#21. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of transactional leaders?

#22. Stretch goal that challenge people to achieve higher levels of success in current activities is known as:

#23. Usually in which of the following performance appraisal technique, subjects self-ratings are negatively correlated with their subsequent performance in an assessment center?

#24. Which one of the following statements is true about the risk considered for capital requirement under Basel II?

#25. Which one of the following is not the characteristic of mutual funds?

#26. Which of the following statements is false?

#27. Which of the following is not the service provided under NBFC?

#28. Which of the followings can be categorized as information processing services?

#29. Which of the following is NOT true about rural markets?

#30. Which of the following is NOT true for Supply Chain Management approach?

#31. Which of the following is true for consumers?

#32. The amount of penalty for making a false statement to the “Competition Commission” by a person who is a party to a combination shall be between

#33. 'N Minor takes a loan of Rs.4,000/- from 'B' during his minority, on attaining majority, he applies to 'B' for a further loan of Rs. 3,000/- 'B' gives this loan and obtains from 'A' a combined promissory note of Rs.7,000/- for the two loans. This is considered as:

#34. Which among the following essence of the Information Technology Act is not a correct statement?

#35. Which one of the following is not included in the term “Work” under Copyright Act 1957?

#36. Tax audit is compulsory in case of a person in a profession whose gross receipts from the profession exceed:

#37. Maximum tax-free limit for payment received under voluntary retirement scheme is:

#38. A is Resident in India aged 60 years earned agricultural income of Rs 5,00,000 and non-agricultural income Rs 3,00,000 during the previous year 2019-20. What is tax liability of A?

#39. Any planning of tax which aims at reducing tax liability in legally recognized permissible way can be termed as an instance of: