Vidhyabhyas GK/GS_7


#1. Article 15(1) of Constitution of India prohibits the State to discriminate with their citizens on certain grounds. Which of the following ground is not included in Article 15(1)?

#2. Which of the following option is not related to economic justice according to Article 39?

#3. Under which Article does the President decide on the Bills kept in reserve by the Governor?

#4. Which of the following Prime Minister did not designate a minister as Deputy Prime Minister?

#5. Which of the following pairs regarding formation of political parties is incorrect?

#6. To promote Asian solidarity, the first Asian Relations Conference after independence of India was held by Jawaharlal Nehru in which year?

#7. How many times has India been elected as a non-permanent member of the Security Council so far?

#8. Where was the first meeting of World Social Forum organised?

#9. Which one of the following statement is not correct with reference to the importance of Educational Psychology?

#10. Which one of the following is not the criteria for considering educational psychology as science?

#11. Development proceeds from 'the centre to the periphery'. What is this principle of developmental direction called?

#12. Which of the following is not the prescribed stage of cognitive development as given by Jean Piaget?

#13. A teacher wants to teach a topic to students. Before teaching he tries to make students mentally prepared. Which law is he using?

#14. In which step of 5E approach of constructivism the learners connect learned concept with other related concepts and apply their knowledge and understandings to the real world?

#15. Reinforcement increases the strength of a connection, whereas punishment does nothing to the strength of a connection. This learning law is known as -

#16. According to Allport the traits which represent those few characteristic tendencies which can be ordinarily used to describe a person, are known as -

#17. When a person deliberately forget his sad experiences and suppress them in the unconscious mind, this defense mechanism of adjustment is called ………..

#18. Rohan scores low on traditional intelligence tests but he quickly grasps real life problems and easily picks up knowledge about how the world works. According to Triarchic Theory, this type of intelligence is called

#19. In which one of the following stage of creativity, individual suddenly perceives the theme and relationship among the various components of the problem?

#20. The positive desire to excel, to do well, to accomplish something on one's own is known as -

#21. Which component of the motivation cycle results in the restoration of physiological or psychological balance?

#22. Which one of the following is not the enrichment programme for Gifted Children?

#23. If a teacher infers the interest of a student in drawing by observing that the student is always drawing in free time, then what type of interest will it be, classified by Super?

#24. In which of the following districts of Rajasthan, the south-west monsoon generally arrives before 1st July?

#25. In which districts Mixed Deciduous Forests are found?

#26. The change in total population of Livestock in Rajasthan from 19th Census (2012) to 20th Livestock Census (2019) is -

#27. According to 2011 Census, which district has highest rural sex-ratio?

#28. The correct pair of districts in Rajasthan with the lowest population growth rate during the decade 2001-2011 is –

#29. Which one of the following cement factory is not located in Chittorgarh district?

#30. Of which Culture Ahar is the main centre?

#31. In which of the following Ancient Civilizations do we find two inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka?

#32. From which of the following ruler does the Mandor-Pratihar dynasty begin?

#33. Which of the following Chauhan rulers is also known by the name of Bisaldev?

#34. Who was the founder of Chauhan dynasty branch of Jalore?

#35. By which name Jalore was known in the ancient inscriptions?

#36. Who was the British Military Officer in Neemuch at the time of Revolt of 1857 A.D.?

#37. Which Sultan was defeated by 1 Maharana Sanga in the battle of Khatoli?

#38. Where was the second session of 'Rajasthan Madhya' Bharat Sabha' held in 1919 A.D.?

#39. From whose efforts the Praja Mandal of Kishangadh State was established in 1939 AD?

#40. Pichwai painted on ………. is the live example of Nathdwara painting school.

#41. Mor Bandhiya, Paharawana and Tanana, these three types of marriages are prevalent in which of the following tribe?

#42. When is the festival of Akshya Tratiya celebrated?

#43. The 'Char Bait' style of folk singing has been prevalent in which city of Rajasthan?

#44. Which of the following composition gives information about the mutual relations between Kanhad Deo & Ala-ud-din Khilji?

#45. Who was the author of Beesaldeo Raso?

#46. The main seat of Dadu Panth is situated in ………

#47. Which one of the following statements about the Governor of an Indian State is not true?

#48. Under which Constitutional Amendment the same person can be made the Governor of two or more States?

#49. During his first term as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, on which date did Shri Ashok Gehlot assume the office of the Chief Minister?

#50. In the 15th Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan, how many women members have been elected from the reserved Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe constituencies?