Vidhyabhyas GK/GS_6


#1. Who was the Maharana of Mewar at the time of revolution of 1857?

#2. Where was Motilal Tejwat born?

#3. What was the main objective of Desh Hiteshini Sabha established in Udaipur?

#4. Tansukhlal Mittal was leader of which Prajamandal organisation?

#5. The peasant movement of Barad belongs to which erstwhile princely State?

#6. The process of formation of the present state of Rajasthan was completed in the year

#7. Where the temple of Lok Devta Mallinathji is situated?

#8. In which temple is the statue of Surya and Vishnu combined?

#9. Who built the Taragarh fort of Bundi?

#10. The names of female painters Kamla and Ilaychi are related to which style of paintings?

#11. Who among the following was not included in the Cabinet of Matsya Union?

#12. The incident of 'Kudan' belongs to which peasant movement?

#13. Chilha's tola is the previous name of which fort?

#14. Which of the following painter is not related with Bikaner style of Painting?

#15. From the following list of ornaments, identify the ornament worn in the ear:

#16. 'Shankriya dance' is related with -

#17. 'Neminath Barah Masa' is written by -

#18. What do you mean by Charan Charjayen?

#19. To whom does the Governor of Rajasthan not administer oath of office?

#20. Which of the following power the Governor has under Article 213?

#21. How many women have been the Chief Secretary of Rajasthan before present Chief Secretary Usha Sharma?

#22. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission presents its annual report to

#23. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding Rajasthan Public Service Commission?

#24. Which of the following provisions of Constitution of India is not related to Panchayati Raj?

#25. Who shall be the chairman of Business Advisory Committee of Rajasthan Vidhansabha?

#26. Who was the Protem Speaker of XV Rajasthan Vidhansabha?

#27. In which year the No-Confidence Motion was presented for the last time in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly

#28. Which of the following position has been achieved by Rajasthan in 'Fit India Movement'?

#29. In comparison with the Census 2001, identify the incorrect option with regard to Census 2011 concerning Rajasthan.

#30. Who is the brand ambassador of 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan' of the Government of Rajasthan?

#31. Which of the following age group of women are entitled to take benefit of Udan Yojna?

#32. Which of the following statement about the First Rajasthan Handicraft Policy is not correct?

#33. Which of the following statements is not correct?

#34. Who among the following has received the Sahitya Academy Yuva Puraskar, 2022 of Rajasthani Language?

#35. Which of the following Board has not been proposed by the Government of Rajasthan recently?

#36. The Digital Museum in Rajasthan State Assembly has been named:

#37. Approximately what percent of the world's population lives in the Northern hemisphere?

#38. Which one of the following is not a planetary wind?

#39. In which year the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations?

#40. To restrict population migration which country had adopted a policy based on skin colour?

#41. The highest seasonal rainfall of about 75 cm between October and December months in India through North-East Monsoon occurs along:

#42. Penganga and Venganga are the tributaries of river

#43. 'Sundri' is an important species of

#44. Which among the following is not an off-shore oilfield of Western India?

#45. Which of the following sector attracted highest FDI equity inflow during 2020-21 and 2021-22 (H₁)?

#46. Which of the following countries is the largest trading partner of India in the year 2021-22?

#47. Which of the following system was abolished by the Act of 1935?

#48. By which of the following Acts, efforts were made to establish responsible governance in the provinces?

#49. In the Post-Partition, Re- constituted Constituent Assembly, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar represented:

#50. Who among the following was not a member of Drafting Committee?