Vidhyabhyas GK/GS_5


#1. Which one of the following is not a west flowing river of the Sahyadri?

#2. Tropical Dry Evergreen forests are found in India along the coast of

#3. In the non-fossil fuel category, which non-conventional source of energy is having the largest installed generation capacity in India?

#4. Which of the following organisation publishes Business Expectation Index (BEI) in India?

#5. Which one of the following sector is the largest recipient of FDI inflow in India in recent years?

#6. According to Economic Survey 2021-22, India had most favourable trade balance with –

#7. Which of the following country was listed top in import destinations of India during the period 2021-22 (April-November)?

#8. The Act of 1919 introduced which for the first time in India?

#9. According to the Government of India Act, 1935, the name of upper chamber of proposed Federal Legislature was

#10. When was the Constituent Assembly formed according to Cabinet Mission plan?

#11. Which feature of the Preamble of the Constitution is highlighted by 'Elected President'?

#12. What among the following is not literally included in Fundamental Right to Freedom?

#13. Which of the following is not included in the part IV A of Constitution of India?

#14. Which of the following statements is not correct regarding the term of the President of India?

#15. Which of the following articles of the Constitution of India makes the Prime Minister as the channel of communication between the President and the Council of Ministers?

#16. Where did the historic Afro-Asian Conference in 1955 held?

#17. Which of the following Nation State has joined as a new member state of Shanghai Co-operation Organisation in 2021?

#18. Educational psychology is concerned with new and ever new researches. Through accumulation of research findings, educational psychologists get better insight into child's nature and as refinded methods of investigation are developed. In this context, the nature of educational psychology is –

#19. Concept formation is related to which component of scope of Educational Psychology?

#20. In moral development, the thinking process involved in judgements about questions of right and wrong is called -

#21. According to Bridge's scheme of development of emotions in children, jealousy first appears in which one of the following age?

#22. A child revise his/her existing scheme of fashion according to changes in what's hot and what's not. According to Piaget, this example is related to which one of the following process of cognitive development?

#23. Which of the following is the highest stage of Gagne's Hierarchy of learning?

#24. According to observational learning theory of Bandura, external incentives, and vicarious incentives are related to which one of the following process?

#25. Which of the following doesn't help in positive transfer of learning?

#26. In a technique of personality measurement, the subject is shown a number of pictures and asked to make up a story based on the thinking and feeling of the characters shown in the scene. This technique is

#27. A man wants to become a physician but is blocked by insufficient ability so he has chosen to become laboratory technician. The adjustment process adopted by him is-

#28. A child's behaviour deviations and abnormal reactions are result of inability to satisfy his/her motives and drives. This factor of maladjustment is-

#29. Individual who effectively regulates emotion and behaviour in ways that maximize successful engagement in social situations is characteristic of his/her -

#30. Which one of the following is not a component of componential sub- theory of Sternberg's Triarchich Theory of Intelligence?

#31. Which one of the following is not a sub-test of Torrence Verbal Test of Creative Thinking?

#32. Which of the following best exemplifies what motivation is?

#33. The expectancy of finding satisfaction in mastering challenging and performances, difficult is called –

#34. A teacher is planning for content enrichment programme. He is doing so for which type of learners?

#35. Under which remedial technique, an attempt is made to reduce criminal behaviour by generating insight and understanding in the delinquent child through psychotherapy and counselling?

#36. Select the best definition of an independent view of the self.

#37. Which of the following is not the characteristic of attitudes?

#38. The Vindhyan-scarplands are found in which area of Rajasthan?

#39. According to Koppen which of the following climate type is not found in Rajasthan?

#40. The river which is known as 'Van- ki-Asha' i.e. the hope of the forest

#41. Which of the following group of districts covering the maximum total forest area in Rajasthan?

#42. Which among the following is a Linseed producing region of Rajasthan?

#43. Which is not a correct statement?

#44. The agriculture done by the Bhil tribe in the plains in Rajasthan is known as:

#45. Which of the following statement is not true about sex-ratio in Rajasthan as per census 2011?

#46. Which district of Rajasthan is having maximum number of large scale industries?

#47. Which of the following civilization is also called Dhoolkot?

#48. Which of the following civilization is located on the origin of Kantli river?

#49. Who was the founder of Chauhan Dynasty of Ranthambhor?

#50. In which district the famous battle field of Haldighati is located?