Vidhyabhyas GK/GS_3


#1. Which of the following is not a Biosphere Reserve of India?

#2. Which conipany has commissioned India's first Wind Solar Hybrid Power Plant of 390 MW in Jaisalmer?

#3. Which of the following river is having the largest river basin area in Rajasthan?

#4. As per the census 2011, which district of Rajasthan has highest sex ratio?

#5. Which of the following statement about the veto power of the President of India is incorrect?

#6. Which of the following statement is incorrect, when calcium oxide reacts with water?

#7. In May 2022, Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary has been converted into a tiger reserve. This sanctuary is located in which district of Rajasthan?

#8. As per the 20th Livestock Census of Rajasthan 2019, maximum sheep are found in-

#9. Among the following which is not a World Heritage Site?

#10. Which of the following is not the characteristics of Democratic leadership?

#11. In exercise of the power conferred by sub- Section (1) of Section 29 of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009, the Central Government authorise which institute to lay down the curriculum and evaluation procedure for elementary education?

#12. 2 men and 5 women can do a piece of work in 4 days while 4 men and 4 women can do it in 3 days. How long it will take by one woman alone to do it?

#13. Which folk deity was born in Undukasmer village in the Barmer district of Rajasthan?

#14. A, B, C, D, E and F are six members of a family. C is the spouse of B. F is the mother of E and D is the daughter of F. A's child is E and C's son is A. There are two couples in the family. Which one of the following is correct?

#15. Which one of the following was not a Military Cantonment in Rajputana?

#16. If Mean = (3 Median – Mode)x, then x is equal to -

#17. Which one of the following book was not composed by Kalidas?

#18. "A cherry that will drop into our mouth one day." Who said this about Awadh in 1851?

#19. Who was the leader of Bardoli Satyagarha?

#20. Who was the AGG of Rajputana at the time of Revolt of 1857?

#21. Which Iranian painter artist was brought to India by Humayun?

#22. In March 1948, which four states were joined to form Matsya Union?

#23. In how many levels has the excavation work at Kalibanga carried out?

#24. If radius of a sphere is increased by 3 meter then its surface area increases by 1056 square meter. Initial radius of the sphere is -

#25. Some coins of diameter 1.5 cm and thickness 0.2 cm are melted to form a right circular cylinder whose height is 8 cm and diameter is 6 cm. Find the number of coins -

#26. 20 students calculated the diameter of the wire in cm. as given below - .17, .16, .17, .17, .15, .14, .16, .17, .18, .19, .16, .14, .17, .15, .16, .15, .16, .18, .17, .17 How much frequency of .17 is more than frequency of .15?

#27. Against which native state was Sardar Patel compelled to use police force?

#28. Who was the wife of Tejaji?

#29. Which is the dance of Mewar region that is performed for 40 days in the month of Sawan-Bhado?

#30. From which civilization site have eight silver punch marked coins found?

#31. The height of a right circular cone is 30 cm. A small cone is cut off from the top by a plane parallel to the base of cone. If volume of small cone is 1/27 of the volume of the given cone, then at what height above the base was cone cut?

#32. Shreenivas Shastri, G.K. Devdhar, N.M. Joshi and Hriday Nath Kunjru were associated with which organisation?

#33. Who became the ruler of Mewar after the death of Maharana Sanga?

#34. Pick the correct connective to fill in the blank space. He doesn't behave well. ............., he hopes to get votes.

#35. Choose the correct indirect sentence for the following direct sentence– She said, "Who's the best player?"

#36. Choose the correct passive sentence for– People consider that he got more than what he deserved.

#37. Choose word which does not have the same suffix as the remaining three–

#38. Choose the correct tense form for the blanks– How long .......... you wearing glasses?

#39. Which of the following compounds of carbon has maximum melting point?

#40. Indian army has recently conducted its joint military exercise called 'AL-NAJAH' in Rajasthan with the army of which country?

#41. The ratio by mass of carbon and oxygen in carbon dioxide is -

#42. Correct the sequencing of the name of the Speakers who have occupied position in various Lok Sabha's -

#43. Which Section of RTE Act 2009 stated that, "It shall be the duty of every parent or guardian to admit or cause to be admitted his or her child or ward as the case may be to an elementary education in the neighbourhood school"?

#44. Moth-Gwar - Millet are crops of -

#45. Rajasthan Government has launched which Scheme to provide financial, nutritional and educational support to Tuberculosis (TB) patients of the state?

#46. As per the Livestock Census 2019, total livestock population of Rajasthan is-

#47. Which of the following mobile app was launched during the two day conference of the 18th All India Legal Services Authority organized by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) and the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority (RLSA) in July 2022?

#48. For textbook of which classes Rajasthan State Text Book Board do printing and distribution?

#49. Which of the following is one of the five R's mentioned to save the environment?

#50. Rajasthan is the second largest producer of crude oil in the country. What is the total crude oil production of the state in the country?