Vidhyabhyas GK/GS_2


#1. Recently the Food Safety and, Standards Authority of India gave "Eat Right School" Certificates to 37 schools of Rajasthan. In this matter, what position is achieved by the state in the country?

#2. Who has been awarded Marwar Ratan Padam Shree Komal Kothari Award 2022?

#3. The maximum area of Rajasthan state is covered by which railway zone?

#4. "There was never been a musician like Tansen in India in the last thousands of years." Who said this?

#5. Who was made the Chief Minister of Greater Rajasthan (30 March, 1949)?

#6. The average of scores of 12 students in a test is 74. The highest score is 79. Then the minimum possible lowest score must be -

#7. The author of 'Hind Swaraj' is -

#8. In which city was Bikaner Lok Parishad founded in 1936?

#9. A solid sphere of gold of radius 3 cm is melted and three spheres are formed. The radii of two spheres are 1.5 cm and 2 cm. The radius of third sphere is equal to -

#10. Which of the following two months in a year have same calendar?

#11. The dimensions of a cuboid are proportional to 5:3:4. The total surface area of the cuboid is 846 cm². Volume of this cuboid is -

#12. In which state Bedsa village was the centre of Bhil activities under the leadership of Govind Giri?

#13. What was the capital of founder of Pratihar ruler Harishchandra?

#14. In a school, 32 students study Maths, 28 study Physics and 26 study Chemistry. If there are in total 40 students in the school and all of them study at one of these subjects, what is the maximum number of students that could have studied all the three subjects?

#15. Who was made the Rajpramukh (State head) of Matsya Sangh?

#16. The writer of Vansh Bhaskar is -

#17. The total surface area of a right circular cone is 1760 cm² and diameter of its base is 28 cm. The curved surface area of the cone is -

#18. During 1857 revolution the ruler of Karauli was-

#19. The Sanskrit Pathshala was built at Ajmer by which Chauhan ruler, that was later on converted by Aibak into Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra?

#20. Kudrat Singh of Rajasthan is associated with which handicrafts?

#21. When did Vivekanand attend the Parliament of the World's religions in Chicago?

#22. Who among the following is not called a liberal leader?

#23. Which of the archaeologist is not related to the excavation of Kalibanga made during the period 1961 to 1969 AD?

#24. Choose the correct tense form – New cycle routes..................and speed limits...................selected routes.

#25. Choose the correct. English translation of the words

#26. Identify the correct preposition for the blank – If you want to go abroad you must be................possession of a valid passport.

#27. Pick the correct direct sentence for the following indirect sentence – I asked him if he knew my name.

#28. Choose the correct passive form – He gave over the whole programme to the reporter.

#29. Which scheme was launched by school education department of Govt. of Rajasthan through Radio during Lockdown in Covid pandemic?

#30. Recently Indian startup Pixxel has launched its first fully fledged commercial satellite with Musk's SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket. What is the name of the satellite?

#31. Bhadla Solar Park, the largest in the world is located in -

#32. How many members can be nominated by the State Government in the organizational set up of Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan?

#33. Which of the following hormone inhibits growth in plants?

#34. First pour of concrete of Mahi Banswara Rajasthan Atomic Power Project units 1 to 4 is expected in which year?

#35. Propanone is a three carbon compound with the functional group -

#36. Which of the following type of climate is not found in Rajasthan?

#37. Where in Rajasthan a lab is located to test samples of Monkey Pox Virus?

#38. How many total medals were won by Rajasthan is fourth Khelo India Youth Games?

#39. What position is achieved by Rajasthan in the recently awarded third National Water Awards 2022, in the category of best states?

#40. Which of the following is not the characteristics of Educational Supervision?

#41. In which Schedule of the Constitution, the state wise allocation of Rajya Sabha seats is mentioned?

#42. The State Institute of Educational Research and Training (SIERT) now RSCERT was established on which date and year?

#43. For which work writer Asghar Wajahat has been honoured with Vyas Samman - 2021?

#44. Chapter 4 of RTE Act 2009 is related with which area?

#45. What is urban and rural population percentage to the total state population, as per census 2011 respectively?

#46. Which of the following was not the prescribed role and responsibilities of S.I.E.R.T. under 'State Initiative For, Quality Education (SIQE)' programme?

#47. What is 'Agni 4' which was recently tested by India?

#48. In which areas of Rajasthan, star sand dunes are found?

#49. At present how many 'DIETs' are available in State of Rajasthan?

#50. Who according to the following is the Principal Account Advisor to the Government of India?