Vidhyabhyas GK/GS_11


#1. Which of the following district of Rajasthan is considered as the 'plastic hub' of State?

#2. In which district Kolvi caves (Buddhist Caves) and Chand Khedi (Jain religious place) are located?

#3. Which among the following group of districts recorded lowest density of population as per 2011 census?

#4. Which of the following civilization is known as the mother of all chalcolithic civilizations in India?

#5. With which civilization are Gilund and Bhagwanpura associated?

#6. The archaeologist Neel Ratna Banerjee and Kailash Nath Dikshit have been associated with the excavation of which of the following ancient site?

#7. Ghatiyala inscription is related with which Pratihar ruler of the Mandor line?

#8. According to 2011 census, which districts of Rajasthan have more than 75% literacy?

#9. Who among the following British officials had criticized British Government for hanging Tantya Tope?

#10. "We find several examples of the freedom fighters in the history of India, who had sacrificed their sons for the cause of the freedom of but Kesari Singh Barhath is the only example who had sent to sacrifice his son, and also son-in- law to get the freedom of the motherland." Who said this?

#11. Mewar Prajamandal was established in the year 1938 under the Chairmanship of

#12. Who was the main leader of Meo Peasant Movement?

#13. The first Chauhan ruler of Ajmer who issued coins in his name, was

#14. Who of the following changed side from Rana Sanga to Babur in the Battle of Khanwa?