Vidhyabhyas GK/GS_10


#1. Recently Rajasthan Rebels team has become the first champion of the Taikwondo Premier League, after defeating which team?

#2. Which scheme was not included in the Mahangai Rahat Camp organized by the Rajasthan government in 2023?

#3. Which of the following zone experience very calm condition and lack horizontal movement of wind?

#4. When World Ozone Day is celebrated?

#5. Which woman player of Rajasthan the title of Under-15 Mix Doubles along with Angel Punira of Uttarakhand in the recently held All India Sub Junior Ranking Tournament of Badminton, at Lucknow?

#6. Which of the following is the westernmost peak of Himalaya?

#7. Purna, Girna and Panjara are the tributaries of which river?

#8. Tendu, Palas, Bel, Khair are the common of

#9. Idukki Hydel Power Project is located in

#10. Which of the following three countries remained the top export destination during April-November 2022 for India?

#11. Who coined the term Globalization?

#12. In the 'Ease of Doing Business' (EODB) rankings prepared by World Bank for the year 2019, what is the place of India in the world?

#13. What is India's rank in the world in terms of milk production?

#14. According to the World Investment Report 2022 of UNCTAD, what was the India's position as a recipient of Foreign Direct Investment in the top 20 host countries in 2021?

#15. Under which Government of India Act, Federation and Provincial Autonomy were introduced in India?

#16. In which year, 11th Fundamental Duty was added in Indian Constitution?

#17. Supreme Court has made Right to Free Education as the part of which among the following rights?

#18. As a result of partition, a separate Constituent Assembly was set up for Pakistan and the representatives of some provinces ceased to be the members of the Assembly. Hence, the total membership of the Assembly was reduced to:

#19. How many members were to be appointed to the Indian Legislative Council under the Government of India Act 1919?

#20. Which Article of the Constitution of India seeks to promote International Peace and Security?

#21. Who has the power to declare an area as a scheduled area?

#22. Which of the following option is not correct?

#23. Which of the following option is not correct?

#24. Before Independence, when did the Asian Relations Conference start in Delhi?

#25. In which year the Indian Council for World Affairs established?

#26. Who gave the idea of 'Clash of Civilizations' in the post-Cold War World?

#27. Which of the following option is not correct?

#28. Educational Psychology is a positive science. Which one of the following statements is not appropriate for this nature of Educational Psychology?

#29. Which of the following is not the correct statement in context of Educational Psychology?

#30. Who initiated the processes of 'Glasnost' and 'Perestroika' in the Soviet Union?

#31. Through both informal conversations and formal schooling, adults convey to children the ways in which their culture interprets and respond to the world. This basic assumption is related to which one of the following development theory?

#32. According to Bronfenbrenner's Theory of Development, setting in which a child spends considerable time, such as the student's family, peers, school and neighbourhood, is called-

#33. Language development of the child begins from the birth cry as mass response, then differentiation start and gradually the child acquires vocabulary of many words. Which one of the following principle is best reflected in the above example?

#34. Mr. Amit is devoted to achievement and this trait of his personality pervades the whole life. According to Allport's classification, this trait is called-

#35. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of projective techniques of personality assessment?

#36. Behaving according to environmental demand is called:

#37. Correct sequence of observational learning process is -

#38. Which of the following is not the type of Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory?

#39. Baqer Mehdi's creativity test consists-

#40. Which of the following is not the Biogenic motive?

#41. The highest need assumed in Maslow's theory:

#42. According to Multifactor Theory of Thorndike, an attribute refers to the difficulty of a task that can be solved by an individual is called -

#43. Which one of the following characteristics is not applicable on gifted children?

#44. People usually vote to caring more about how they feel about a candidate than their beliefs about his/her specific policies. This component of attitude is -

#45. A way of defining oneself in terms of one's relationships to other people and recognising that one's behaviour is often determined by the thoughts, feelings and actions of others, this view of self-concept is-

#46. Student should introduce new material in small, easy steps, relating it to what he/she already knows. This teaching strategy is most appropriate for which one of the following?

#47. Mewat and Dang areas fall into which of the following Koppen's climatic regions?

#48. The river that originates from the western slopes of Aravalli, flows through some parts of Sirohi and finally drains in Rann of Kutch is

#49. According to Administrative Report 2021-22 of the Forest Department, the total forest area in Rajasthan on 31-08-2022 was

#50. The major Linseed producing districts of Rajasthan are