Vidhyabhyas GK/GS_1


#1. Which civilization of Rajasthan is also known as Tamravati Nagari?

#2. If the capacity of a cylindrical tank is 1408m³ and the depth of the tank is 7 meters then radius of its base is -

#3. Which of the following rulers of Mewar sat on the throne of Mewar after Maharana Jagat Singh?

#4. The author of the book 'Early Chauhan Dynasties' is -

#5. Who was known as Kika before he became the ruler?

#6. What new name was given to Jalore by Ala-ud-din Khilji after conquering it in 1311 AD?

#7. Which graphical representation of data is best suited for understanding the different uses of water in a single household?

#8. Which building of Fatehpur Sikri has been called "The pearl of Architecture" by Percy Brown?

#9. A big cube of side 8 cm is formed by rearranging together 64 small identical cubes each of side 2 cm. The corner cubes in the top-most layer of the big cube are removed. What is the change in total surface area of the big cube?

#10. In which session of Congress Subhash Chandra Bose was elected the President of Congress?

#11. The revolutionary associated with the establishment of "Veer Bharat Sabha" was -

#12. Who is the author of Mudrarakshasa and Devichandraguptam?

#13. In a certain code language, PRODUCTIONS is written as QQPCVBUHPMT. How ORIENTATION will be written in the same code language?

#14. "No matter how good the foreign rule may be, cannot match Swarajya." Whose views are expressed in this statement?

#15. Non-terminating, non-repeating decimals are classified in-

#16. Which of the following places is not associated with the Ahar civilization?

#17. The civilization of Ganeshwar is an important site of ……… culture.

#18. Bhoji Lambardar was related to which Peasant Movement?

#19. In which city of Rajasthan the "Jin Bhadra Suri Granth Bhandar" is located?

#20. Ratio of the volumes of two cones is 4:25 and their heights are in the ratio 25:64, then the ratio of the radius of their base is -

#21. ……… painted on the cloth is a live example of Nathdwara Painting style.

#22. Identify the correct determiner – ……… a man would not miss such a chance.

#23. Identify the correct Indirect form - She said, "I would like to see it." (Change to Indirect speech)

#24. Change the following sentence to a passive one – All his relatives approved of his decision.

#25. Choose the correct form of the verb to fill in the blank space - Each of the boys ……… asked to contribute, to the Famine Relief Fund.

#26. The correct antonym of 'enigma' is -

#27. The Bhukia-Jagpura-Delwara belt of gold is located in -

#28. Which type of transverse sand dunes are found in western Rajasthan?

#29. Identify the correct group of grounds on the basis of which a citizen may be disqualified to vote-

#30. Tenure of the members of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education is -

#31. On 8th April 2022, "Artificial Intelligence and Programming Centre" was inaugurated in Sanik School of which district of Rajasthan?

#32. The name of the integrated conservation mission, approved as "Flagship Programme" by Union Government for conservation and rejuvenation of National river Ganga is -

#33. On 14th June 2022, the first private train under Bharat Gaurav Yojana was started from which place to which place?

#34. Rajasthan Government has signed MoU with Vedanta Group to develop 25 thousand Anganwadi Centres as ……………

#35. The work done to increase the velocity of a car of mass 1000 kg from 36 km/h to 54 km/h is-

#36. Which of the following is not included in the functions of management given by Henri Fayol?

#37. For class First to Fifth, if there are between 61 to 90 students admitted in class, then how many teachers will be required according to RTE Act 2009?

#38. Section 25 of the RTE Act 2009 deals with-

#39. As per the Census of 2011, which district of Rajasthan has the highest literacy rate?

#40. Recently Rajasthan Grameen Ajeevika Vikas Parishad's Mission Director has signed MoU with Managing Director of Stree Nidhi of which state to set up the first all – women -run cooperative bank in Rajasthan?

#41. In India 'National Clean Air Programme' was launched in the year –

#42. Extended form of RSCERT is-

#43. Full form of 'RISE' in RISE-DIKSHA portal is-

#44. In June 2022, Avani Lakhera won gold medal in the R8 - Women's 50 m Rifle 3 position SHI finals in Para Shooting World Cup 2022 in France. What was her score?

#45. The Isabgol (Psyllium Husk) producing districts of Rajasthan are -

#46. When was SMILE programme first initiated by Rajasthan Government?

#47. The difference between East-West and North-South extension of Rajasthan is-

#48. Which of the following is not an objective of DIET?

#49. For which work Madhu Kankaria has been awarded 'Bihari Puraskar' for 2021?

#50. By evolutionary relationship's point of view Similiarity in bone arrangement in the forelimbs of lizard, bird and human, is an example of –