29.10.2022 MORNING SHIFT

Vidhyabhyas 29.10.2022 MORNING SHIFT


#1. Which one of the following aims at the Task Dimension of organizational change?

#2. Sweezy’ kinked demand curve model to explain the price and output determination relates to which type of market structure?

#3. Which one of the following is not coordinated in the Vertical Integration of Integrated Marketing Communications?

#4. SEBI’s ‘Skin in the game’ rule is applicable to which of the following financial intermediaries?

#5. Which one of the following duties is not a general duty of directors of a company?

#6. Which one of the following categories of customers are opinion leaders who carefully search for new technologies that might give them a dramatic competitive advantage?

#7. Which one of the following is used for international money transfer?

#8. As per which one of the following approaches, a firm finances a part of its permanent working capital with short term financing?

#9. Which one from among the following is not a generic strategy as per the generic strategies identified by Porter?

#10. While wandering in jungle, King Dushyant married Shankuntala as narrated in the “Abhigyan Shankuntalam”. He gave her royal ring which could serve her identity when she would come to meet him, in future. However, she had lost the ring while going to meet him. When she arrived at Dushyant’s palace, he failed to recognize her as she did not had the ring. Which of the following statistical error King Dushyant had committed in this narrative?

#11. Which one of the following represents empirical generalisations relating to GDP growth and changes in unemployment?

#12. Which one of the tests measures the applicant’s level of knowledge and skill in a particular job in which one he will be appointed?

#13. When the incoming partner cannot bring premium for goodwill, then the necessary adjustment for goodwill is done through which one of the following?

#14. Which of the following business would most likely use job order costing:

#15. Which is the single most important driver of innovation (Gerard. J. Teliis 2013) in a business firm?

#16. A is entitled to children education allowance @ Rs. 80 per month per child, for three children, it amounts to Rs. 240 p.m. It will be exempted to the extent to which one of the following under the Indian Income Tax Act?

#17. Amount unutilized in the capital gain scheme for which exemption was claimed under section 54 shall be treated as long-term capital gain in the previous year?

#18. If the assessee is engaged in the business of growing and manufacturing tea in India, the agriculture income in that case shall be:

#19. Which one of the following pricing method is used in regulated industries?

#20. Which one of the following approaches of capital structure pleads that debt financing initially increases the value of the firm; however excess debt financing beyond a particular point reduced the value of the firm?

#21. Which one of the following is not true for Authority?

#22. A company has 10% perpetual debt of Rs. 1,00,000. The tax rate is 35%. Which one of the following is the after-tax cost of capital assuming that the debt is issued at 10% premium?

#23. A company does not include the value of skills gained by its employees from training programmes in its annual financial statements. Which one of the following accounting concepts is being applied in this case?

#24. Which section of the Indian companies Act, 2013 among the following, provides for the appointment of first auditors by the board of directors within one month of the date of registration of the company?

#25. Which one of the following is not assumption for consumer behaviour based on the Ordinal Utility Theory?

#26. Pricing practice of setting a price target and then developing a product that would allow the firm to maximise total profit at that price is called:

#27. Portfolio approach to investing is primarily focused on which of the following:

#28. Which of the following is not a marketing tactic used for designing customer value?

#29. Concentration of all marketing efforts on a small but specific and well defined segment of the population is called:

#30. Which one of the following rights is usually not available to a partner consequent to the dissolution of a firm?

#31. The share capital of an RRB is Subscribed by the Central Government, State Government and Sponsoring Bank in which one of the following ratios?

#32. Which one of the following is not the guiding principle of World Bank regarding its lending operation ?

#33. Which one of the following distribution aptly describes the ownership of a income and property in a capitalist economy?

#34. When the price increase of a commodity is followed by increased total revenue, which one of the following is the price elasticity coefficient?