25.11.2021 MORNING SHIFT

Vidhyabhyas 25.11.2021 MORNING SHIFT


#1. Which is the most potent driver of business transformation during COVID-19 pandemic?

#2. Counter Vailing Duties (CVD) are often imposed on imports to offset the impact of

#3. To prevent opportunistic takeover of domestic firms amid Covid-19 pandemic, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from countries that share borders with India is allowed through

#4. Factor conditions in Michael Porter’s competitive advantage of Nations include

#5. In case the purchasing company agrees to act as the agent of the vendor for collection of the book debts, in the books of the purchasing company, the amount of debtors should be credited to

#6. When the value of “Investment in subsidiary” in the holding company’s balance sheet is more than the book value of the net assets acquired, the difference represents

#7. The basic method of valuing human assets is

#8. The value of the firm in wealth maximisation objective is measured by

#9. For a “decline in price”, total revenue declines if the demand of the product is

#10. The extreme case of non-price competition in an Oligopoly is

#11. Pecking order theory in finance is based on the assertion of

#12. If a project cost is ₹ 40,000. Its stream of earning before depreciation and tax during first year through five years is expected to be ₹ 10,000, ₹ 12,000, ₹ 14,000, ₹ 16,000 and ₹ 20,0000. Assume a 50% tax rate and depreciation on straight line basis; project’s ARR is

#13. According to the theory of dividend, the firm should follow its investment policy of accepting all positive NPV projects and paying out dividends if and only if, funds are available:

#14. In Securitization when no assets are acquired and the collateral is fixed for the life of the asset, the type of a structure is called as

#15. For a given set of paired data, the correlation and regression coefficients have been calculated as being equal to r, bxy and byx respectively. Now, each of the values of the x series is divided by 5. What effect does it have on each of these coefficients?

#16. A test that contains a fair sample of the tasks and skills actually needed for the job in question is:

#17. Which among the following is NOT a primary determinant of organizational structure?

#18. An act in a way that results in the greatest good for the greatest number is:

#19. People repeat behaviors that bring them satisfaction and pleasure and stop those that bring them dissatisfaction or pain is known as

#20. Which one of the following statements is true under the Basel I Accord, BCBS, fixed the minimum requirement of capital fund for banks at?

#21. Which of the following statements is correct relating to Indian Financial System?

#22. Which one of the following is not one of the advantages of Derivatives market?

#23. Which one of the following statements is not true about Indian Money Market?

#24. Which of the following is NOT true while determining length of distribution channel?

#25. Which of the following can be categorized as people processing services?

#26. SBUs or products that have lost their position of leadership and are in the low growth markets, are known as

#27. Which of the following is NOT a valid basis for market segmentation?

#28. Which one of the following statements is a promissory note?

#29. A claim for quantum meruit’ cannot succeed:

#30. The first offence for infringement of copyright can be for a maximum of imprisonment for a term of

#31. Which one of the following conditions does not constitute a valid agency by necessity?

#32. If assessee is engaged in the business of growing and manufacturing tea in India, the non-agricultural income in that case be:

#33. AMT provisions are applicable on:

#34. X, an employee of the private company, gets ₹ 30,000 p.m. basic salary and entitled to ₹ 1,500 p.m. as entertainment allowance. What is the deductions u/s 16(ii) from gross salary in respect of entertainment allowance?

#35. Which of the following provident fund is approved by the provident fund commissioner?